Extra Hydrating Tattoo Balm


Vibrant tattoos from day 1

Moisturize and soothe itchy skin inflammations thanks to a powerful combination of natural butters, oils, and botanical extracts. Lincoln Tattoo care combines the following three active complexes:

  • SOOTHING BUTTERS: Shea, Mango, and Cocoa butter
  • NOURISHING OILS: Almond, Jojoba oil
How to use: Apply a small amount, massaging into the skin to cover the whole surface of the tattoo. 
When to use:  Use it before, during and after a tattoo to prepare, heal and maintain your skin.
When to expect results: Soothing effect after every application. Visibly smooth skin after 3-4 days.

Best Care and Protection Solution for Your Tattoo:

  • + Soothes Irritations & Inflammations
  • + Quick Absorbing
  • + Moisturizes Your Skin
  • + Fights Itchiness
  • + Non-Greasy Formulation
  • + Suitable For All Skin Types



For questions and suggestions on the products you can easily reach us via email contact@lincolnmencare.com or via our Instagram or facebook page @lincoln.mencare or write in our dedicated chat. We are here for you!

We are located in Dratelnstrasse 20, 21109 Hamburg, Germany; From where we create, manufacture and Ship all around the world!


We ship all around the world with Logistics partners to be as fast and responsible as possible. These are the rates:

  • Germany orders - €4.99 - 3/4 working days
  • EU orders - €7.99 - 4/5 working days
  • Rest of the World - 9.99 - 7/9 working days

We work with DHL tracking numbers. Once your order is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with all the details and the easy steps to follow to keep your order under control. For any question regarding your order status contact us via email at: contact@lincolnmencare.com and we will be happy to help!


Returns & Refunds

We have a 30 day policy for returns. Of course, given the nature of our products, the will have to be undamaged and with the complete seal still on. We will help you get the product back and we will refund you the purchase, a part from the shipping costs.

For any question regarding your order status contact us via email at: contact@lincolnmencare.com and we will be happy to help!

The secret lies in our ingredients


Shea Butter

Filled with fatty acids, think of it as a mix of all the things your skin and your tattoo need, from A to Z.


Sweet Almond Oil

It sounds nourishing already by its name, but - don't worry - also research shows its benefits for skin, hair and beard.


Calendula Extract

A very popular one for tattoo care. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Can't imagine anything better.


Cocoa Butter

Cocoa beans can be used to make great things. We're not talking about chocolate. Protects skin and heals wounds.


Mango Butter

Wouldn't be bad to get the same freshness of mangos when the tattoo is itching like crazy. Well, we brought it to you.


Jojoba Oil

It is a popular ingredient for treating skin problems related to inflammation and redness. And we put a lot of it.

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